Focus Tracker: With Pomodoros

Pomodoro Technique with Focus Tracker


Focus Time Tracker

What is Focus Tracker?

Focus Tracker is an easy-to-use time and task management application that helps you to manage tasks anywhere and anytime and helps you to perform tasks efficiently.



A scientifically proven method to help you take effective breaks to help you focus longer and more effectively

Focus Tracker

Tracking all the apps which distract you during your focus session

Graphical Representation

Dynamic graph representing your focus level and interruptions due to apps during pomodo sessions

Statistics and Reports

Provides insight into your past performance to help you improve

Highly Configurable

  • We understand that a standard 25 minutes session and 5 minutes break doesn’t work for everybody. You can configure the duration for your pomodoros

  • Track all apps or specific apps which might distract your pomodoros

  • Highly configurable filters in reports

Tutorial Videos

All setup and configuration videos available on our website and youtube channel

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